Where can we check the wager conditions?

Please confirm from [Financial Center] → [Transfer].
E.g.: When transferring a promotion bonus to a CQ9 game

Original Wallet: Select CQ9 game

Wallet to transfer: Select main account

Transfer Amount: Fill in the balance in CQ9

Then press Submit.

If the wager conditions have been reached: the original wallet balance will be added in the main wallet.

If the wager conditions have not been reached: details of the current wager conditions will be displayed.

Or you can contact online customer service

How to use the red envelope coupon code?

Konibet will having events from time to time.

You can go to [User Center] → [Get bonus] to get the bonus.

Please check the “Promotions” page for details of the ongoing promotions and how to obtain them. Or you can contact online customer service.

Are the wager conditions different for each promotion?

Because the conditions of each promotion / bonus are different,

If you don’t understand, please feel free to contact online customer service

Deposit and withdraw

How do I transfer money between wallets?

After login, please go to “User Center” → “Financial Management” → “Transfer” to select the original wallet and the wallet you want to transfer and fill in the transfer amount.


You cannot transfer money between game wallets. Please transfer the amount to the main wallet first, and then transfer the amount to the wallet you want to play.

Do I need to provide personal information when applying withdraw?

In order to confirm your identity at the time of the first withdraw, you need to send a proof of identity document (KYC).

1.My confirmation information (with photo)

2.Address confirmation information (water and electricity bills, etc.)

Please take pictures 1 ~ 2 , and add the handwriting [for KONIBET certification] notes, to support@konibet.com.

Withdrawal can be made on our website 24/7.

Will audit withdraw after KYC complete.

Do I need to provide personal information when applying deposit?

Only when using a credit card to deposit, you will need to take a photo of the front and back of the card,

add the handwriting [KONIBET certification] notes,  to support@konibet.com.

What is the minimum/maximum deposit and withdraw amount?

The amount of a single withdraw can vary depending on the withdraw method, so please refer to the kindly remind of the withdraw method.

How long does it take to review deposits and withdraws?

A:In order to protect the interests of players and the website, it will take some time.

The audit department will end the review as soon as possible. If you want to know the review status, please contact online customer service.。

Registration and account

Do not receive the mobile phone authentication code.

Please make sure the mobile number you entered is correct.

In addition, it is often that an SMS cannot be received because the system is set to prohibit receiving messages. Hope you can confirm the settings. If you still haven’t received it after confirmation, please contact online customer service.

What are the procedures for termination (cancellation) and account freeze?

Our account number is only for one person, and since there can only be one account number per family, we cannot eliminate the account number for you.

If you contact online customer service, you will be asked for procedures to prohibit the use of your account.

According to our system, account freezing procedures are required.

If there is no application, your frozen account will not be unlocked again.

For cancellation application, please fill in the following registration information and reason for cancellation and inform the online customer service or mail to support@konibet.com. (reason, user ID, name, phone number, email)

The account will be frozen directly after confirmation by the relevant department.
If you want to use your account again, please contact online customer service or email.
We will process it for you as soon as possible.

Forgot password

If you forget your password, please go to “Login” → “Forgot Password” to apply for a temporary password yourself.

It will be passed to you by mobile phone or email. After logging in a temporary account, please go to [User Center] → [Account Settings] → [Password Change] to set your password again.

Online customer service can also set a temporary password for you. If you can answer the following questions correctly, please contact online customer service or email.

  1. Player ID, name (Chinese), phone number, mailbox

Can I create an account more than one?

You can only apply for one account using one website, one family, one address, and the same IP.

Under any circumstance, each player, family, account, shared computer, and shared IP can only use one account.

If a duplicate account is found, the account will be closed without warning.


Hope to be our affiliates?

If you wish to become our affiliate please contact us by the following contact information. marketing@konibet.com

The affiliate would introduce Konibet through their blogs and websites, in order to earn high commissions. It will not affect the affiliate’s business and personal time.

There is the 24/7 online customer service for you.


Is the license legally obtained?

There is a [365 / JAZ] link at the bottom of Konibet’s official website (https://konibet.com/). After clicking on it, you can check detailed information about the license. The license number of this website is “GLH-OCCHKTW0706262019”.

The following four guiding groups are licensed by the Curaçao government.

  1.  Cyberluck Curaçao N.V. 【1668/JAZ】
  2.  Gaming Curaçao 【365/JAZ】, Curaçao
  3.  Interactive Licensing N.V. (CIL) 【5536/JAZ】
  4.  Antillephone NV 【8048/JAZ】

【****/JAZ】is the identification code of the guide group.

Konibet is certified by “Gaming Curaçao 365 / JAZ, Curaçao” license [365 / JAZ].

For more details, please go to [365 / JAZ] official website (http://www.gaming-curacao.com/) to confirm.

If you have any questions about Konibet, you can also go to the official website of the license.