1. Please click [Sign in] at the top right of the homepage.
  2. Enter the [Sign in] page.
  3. Please enter the user ID (6 ~ 10 digits).
  4. Please proceed in the following order
  1. Fill in the mailbox.
  2. Click [Send Authentication Code].
  3. The 4-digit verification code will be sent to the mailbox you filled in.
  4. Fill in the 4 digits sent to your mailbox.
  1. Please set the registration password (6 ~ 12 digits)
  2. Click [Next page]
  3. Please enter the phone number (please enter “XXX” for international numbers)
  4. Please select a birthday date.
  5. Please fill in the promotion code. (If you have).
  6. Fill in the 4 digits authentication number, please check after reading the terms.
  7. Press [Submit] to complete.

【Completion of personal information】


Please click the account ID at the top right of the homepage, and fill in your personal information in [Account Settings].

(Attention: You can’t change the certified information and the information you have already filled in, so please pay more attention when you fill in. In case you need to change it, please attach identification to contact online customer service.)

【Mobile number authentication】

  1. Please click on the account ID on the top page.
  2. Click [Account Settings].
  3. Fill in [phone number authentication] to the right of the phone number
  4. Enter the same number as on the left. If a green tick appears, the digital authentication is complete.
  5. Click [Submit].
  6. Please fill in the verification code sent to the mobile phone.
  7. Click [Authentication] to complete.

【Redeem promotions with red envelope coupons】

  1. Please click the account ID at the top right of the homepage to enter the user center page.
  2. Click [Inbox]. Please copy the red envelope coupon code written in inbox letter.
  3. Click [Receive Coupon].
  4. Click [coupon].
  5. Please select “coupon type”. Select “Deposit Coupon” or “Bonus Coupon” for the type of coupon.
  6. Please select the game provider you want to play.
  7. Fill in the transfer amount.
  8. Please fill in the correct size of the font.
  9. Press [Submit] to get the promotion.

【About multiple wallets】

Q:What is a gaming platform wallet?
A:It refers to wallets for various gaming platforms. You can play after transferring the required amount from the main wallet to the gaming platform wallet.

Q:Why can’t I withdraw money when there still remain balance in the game wallet?
A:Please complete the wagers set by each game platform first. After that, please transfer the amount to the main wallet before applying for withdraw.


  1. Please click the account ID on the top of right corner of the homepage to enter the user center page.
  2. Please click [Financial Management].
  3. Please click [Transfer].
  4. Please choose your main wallet.
  5. Please select the wallet you want to transfer.
  6. Please fill in the transfer amount.
  7. After confirming the transfer amount, click [submit] to complete the transfer.

【Where is online customer service?】


Please click the headphone microphone on the right of the homepage.


  1. Please click the account ID on the top of right corner of the homepage to enter the user center page.
  2. Please click [Financial Management].
  3. Go to the deposit page.
  4. Please select the deposit method you want to use.
  5. Please follow the steps.
  6. Click [Submit] to complete the deposit application.


  1. Please click [Withdraw] at the top right of the homepage.
  2. Click [Binding Payment Account].
  3. Select the third-party payment account you want to bind.
  4. Fill in your account information.
  5. Click [Submit]. (If already bound, steps 2, 3, 4, 5 are not required.)
  6. Return to the [Financial Management] page and select the bound payment account.
  7. Fill in “Payment Password”.
  8. Fill in the “Withdraw amount”.
  9. Click [Submit] to complete the withdraw application.

【Credit card deposit review】

If you use credit card to deposit, you need to process KYC verification and the following information.


Please send us the front and back of the credit card.

Card front:

  1. Name
  2. Card number
  3. Validity period
  4. Signature

Block credit card image

  1. Front:6 digits in the middle (except the first 6 and last 4)
  2. Back:CVV number

Use your camera or mobile phone to convert it into a picture file.

The front and back of the document are added with handwriting notes [for KONIBET certification].

Attention: If you use a different credit card, you will need to prove it again.
You can use [letter provided] or [KYC upload] to provide relevant information.

If you use a letter, you must send it in with a registered mailbox and attach all required information to the KYC file.

  1. Please send to (support@konibet.com).
  2. Other documents may be required.

【Documents required for withdraw (KYC)】

  1. ID (with photo)
  2. Proof of current residential address.

Confirm the information


There are five types of information that can be used to confirm your identity.

  1. Driver’s license (front and back)
  2. Resident card (front and back)
  3. Passport (For foreigners in Japan only)
  4. Alien Registration Card(ARC)
  5. ID (front and back)

Necessary information

  1. Photo
  2. Name
  3. Address
  4. Release date
  5. Validity period
  6. Birth date
  7. Barcode (for passport)

User should pay attention to the following four points when confirming the information. Please use the camera or mobile phone to take the picture and convert it into a picture file.

The front and back of the document are added with handwriting notes [for KONIBET certification].

  1. Address confirmation information must be the same as the ID address
  2. Photographed in all 4 corners
  3. There is no shaking or reflection, and the text is clear.
  4. Within the validity period

*Address confirmable information


  1. Resident card
  2. Public expenses and Credit cards。

The address confirmable information needs to pay attention to the following 3 points. Please use the camera or mobile phone to convert it into a picture file.

  1. Photographed in 4 corners.
  2. There is no shaking or reflection, and the text is clear.
  3. Information within 3 months of issue date.
    Document added handwriting notes [for KONIBET certification].

You can use [letter provided] or [KYC upload] to provide relevant information.

If you use a letter, you must send it in with a registered mailbox and attach all required information to the KYC file.

  1. Please send to (support@konibet.com).
  2. Other documents may be required.

【KYC submit】

  1. Please click on the account ID from the top of the home page.
  2. Click [Account Settings].
  3. Click on the above option [KYC]
  4. Please select the data items to be uploaded.
  5. Click [Select File] to upload.
  6. After uploading, click [Submit] and upload is complete!

【Gaming Platform Introduction】



Develop more than 100 games.
Use the HTML5 gaming engine to develop more than 100 unique games.
At the same time, it provides stability data, fairness, and payment rate, which can challenge the higher level of pleasure in the game.


【Jump High】

Follow the original style of jump high, you can enjoy 243 paylines in the atmosphere of an American nightclub. When 5 golden balls appear, you will enter 10 or more free games. The bonus multiplier increases each spin max. 150X. At first, it looks like the original game is high, but you can double the bonus for a huge winnings.



When the leader dragon invades and defeat the turret for high scores.

  1. The school of fish, you can get the score of continuous shooting.
  2. Let’s form a group of four to defeat the high bonus big dragon.
  3. Both mobile phones and computers can be used, and you can enjoy games on your favorite device.
  4. The most realistic fishing game in the industry, you can change the angle with unique fish eye gaze and challenge a variety of hitting skills.



Golden Hero is a mobile game designed to be simpler, faster and more fun. We focus on RNG slots and innovative game development, which is Japanese’ favorite slot games. All games are built on optimized new HTML5 technology.


【Hawaiian Dream】

It is said that “Dream of Hawaii” is the closest Japanese pinball and slot machines.
Once you have used the composition, graphics, sound, and production effects seen somewhere, you will feel nostalgic and understand that it is said to be close to Japan.
But the difference is the rate of return. It is said that the highest return of Japanese pachislot is 85%, while the highest return of Hawaiian Dream is 97.5%.
If you play a similar game, it’s best to play the Hawaiian Dream, it has a very high return rate.



As a result of their commitment, all completed works are high-quality online slot games.
With the new release of the YGS Masters series, the series evolved from existing slot games.
It has an unprecedented game size. Lets guide you to the best online gaming experience and bonuses.


Welcome to Easter Island! Ready to relax?
So let’s launch one of the most pleasant slot games of the year on your device!
The high-priced jackpot offers an opportunity to hit the surprised islanders.
The chance depends to a large extent on the number of lines of the arranged pattern, and the payout line increased from 27 in the basic game to 103 lines.



NETENT is the leader in 3D slot games in the industry. Stunning interactive and beautiful game design will surprise you. We prepared for you to try.



When you play games, the amount of positive and strong feedback you get from this game is huge. Every small victory feels like you have won a big prize. This may be part of the success, but it does not fully explain the mystery of the starburst paradox.



THUNDERKICK is known for its commitment to unique slot game design, which includes high-quality visuals and sound. These high-end games are favored by online casino platforms around the world and continue to spread to new sites. We have high-quality games to maintain market share.



JDB is Asia’s leading video game provider with the following five categories: slots, fishing games, table games, arcade games, and lotteries.
It is a pioneer in the Asian market with slots and fishing game from offline to online.


【Formosa Bear】

Stacked Wilds will give you 40 different payout lines and double your chances of winning.
Free games enhance the advantages of Stacked Wilds, and when Stacked Wilds appeared by pinning on the screen, you will keep winning. Formosa bear bonus up to 1000X.


[Cai Shen Fishing]

High-quality game specifications, high multiple scores, 200x lucky prize or the chance to hit 1,000 lotteries hidden in red envelopes, leaving players with treasure in their hands.



Microgaming is the world’s first online casino software in 1994, and developed the first mobile casino software in 2004. There are slot machines, poker, bingo, sports games, live dealers and other games. Start with classic games such as Avalon, Thunderstruck, Dragonz, etc. If you want to experienced, we suggest you use Jvalassic World ™, Game of Thrones, Playboy ™ Gold, etc. New games are regularly released on desktop and mobile devices. Players all leave great feedbacks.



This slot is probably the most popular game ever. Five sets, 243 paylines, and a payout rate of 96.57%!
There are four sexy Puban girls, each of them is divided into different bonus games. The game contains everything you need to enjoy a gambling experience. The world famous rabbit logo is a wild symbol that doubles winnings. If three Playboy (magazine) symbols are collected, you will go into free spin.


【Baccarat Online】

With the latest HD technology, multi-language support, multi-window games. For players who want to enjoy baccarat, roulette and blackjack in fundamental way. Microgaming software stands out due to its state-of-the-art live recording studio facilities, dealer casinos and virtual interfaces that can record real-time video in real time, store it for future playback and provide automatic betting capabilities. It is recreating the experience includes multi-table games and many unique tables for desktop and mobile games.


Asia Gaming

The live gaming hall built the highest specifications equipped with advanced equipment and excellent interiors. In addition to various game options (including popular baccarat, Sic Bo, roulette, etc.),
24/7 video monitor management enables you to enjoy a stable and smooth real-time gaming experience.


Evolution Gaming

Evolution was established in Europe in 2006 and was one of the earliest B2B live casino solution providers.
We are building a platform with efficient system operation capability and scalability. It currently operates in Europe and North America and is recognized as the best live casino provider in the industry. In 2019, Evolution have won the [EGR B2B Awards] Live Casino Provider for 10 consecutive years. It is an industry-leading solution provider.


SA Gaming

SA Gaming offers multiple bets and real-time bets. Using a platform with various functions of HTML5 has attracted all players. Compliance software testing with the International Game Lab (GLI). A similar screening of live recording studios was conducted by the Australian BMM testing laboratory. We have unique live games from Asia such as the most popular Baccarat, Roulette, Dragon-Tiger, Money Wheel and Fantan.



Inplay Matrix has partnered with IM Esports to provide esports for IM IMsports.
E-sports is a new era of competition, which regards the competition of computer games as a sport.
Gaming fans can now place bets on their mobile phones or desktops.